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[APD] Plants for intense light aquarium

I have an aquarium that is in an area that receives a lot of sunlight on its surface. Despite shading it still gets a lot of light. I have a constant battle with algae in it. It was planted with Anubias nana which grew into a 3kg mass of plants, swords which became emersed and dwarf waterlilies which took over the surface of the aquarium as well as various bits of azolla, frogbit and the like.

The current inhabitants are a horde of small shrimp, a swordtail and grammarus. I intend to put 4 dwarf plecos and 6 bluelip mouthbrooders into the tank which is 180cm long x 60cm high x 45cm wide. The plant has been replanted with the nana tied to driftwood and dwarf chain sagitterus in the foreground. I'm looking for a large low maintenance background plant that will do well in this tank and won't grow out of the tank.

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