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Re: [APD] indoor koi t outdoor pond

If it was me.......................first you need to consider quarantine if
these fish will be joining others in your pond.   You probably should keep
them in another place to observe them and treat for any disease if needed.
Also I suggest that when you are certain that they are free of disease, that
you stop feeding them and over a couple of weeks acclimate them to the
cooler temperature.    Were they in a heated tank before?

Cheap containers for indoors - or on a porch with a heater are the 35 gallon
oak barrel liners, a large trash can, or a kiddie pool.   Kiddie pools need
to be covered with netting because they are shallow and koi are pretty good

Good luck.

Terry B
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> Hiya,
> don't know who else to ask except maybe the local fish shop which
> isn't open yet.  Thanks to a local Freecycle, we're getting a few 5-6
> inch long Koi that have been indoors.  We will be putting them outdoor
> in our pond.  the local temp has been 30's at the lowest usually about
> 40 to a hi of 50.  Obviously, no ice.  Our pond currently has goldfish
> that are pretty slowed down for winter.
> Can I just equilibrate the water temps between new fish temp and pond
> and let them go or do I need to do some sort of multiday slow
> cooling?  If so, I have some 5 gallon buckets that would be temp homes
> and could go in and outside.  Suggestions?
> Thanks for the advice this past year, I think my BGA problem is
> lessening, but I'm going slow.
> happy new year to all,
> John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net
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