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[APD] Turn your tank blue for Jesus

So like it's holiday decorating time or something and I found myself
coming home from the hardward store with - for no good reason, I just
like playing with color and light - every blue bulb they had.

Turns out there's a 13W screw in flourescent in blue. And gren and red
and amber but who cares?

Know what happens if you screw one of these babies into a hood and stick it over
an aquarium? It's very very dark blue. To be perfectly honest it looks a little
neater than real moonlights. But taste is personal...

The bulbs were like $5. I'm not into moonlights personally but if you are
this is a hot tip.

I dunno how much fishtank list time I'm gonne have over the holidays, but if
I don't have much and don't get a chance to say anything till next year I'd
just like to congratulate us all for not getting fucking sued again.

Happy Holidays,


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