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Re: [APD] filtration goals

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part:

>I wish mine did... I had to add a filter as I've had diatoms for 9 months
>now in my tank full of plants. Now that the filter is running I've noticed
>less diatoms covering everything. I'd hover up the pile of brown 'dust' one
>night and it's right back by the following night.
>People keep telling me they only occur the first few months. Someone should
>tell my diatoms that!

This all basic stuff you likely already know, but just in case. Does your
utility provide analyses?  Ours do over here, and include silicates.
Formerly it was hard data, now it is just low/medium/high, but better than

The phosphate resins will remove silicates as well, but you don't want to
use those in planted tanks as they will erase the phosphate quite well.  Is
it worth pre-treatment to you?    You would need phosphate dosing after if
you rely on water to provide your current levels.  I have no clue as to time
requirement for the materials to be effective, I formerly used such in
cichlid breeding tank canisters, no plant issues there.  My water supply is
low to moderate silicates, so only a new tank occurrence unless I get into a
water changing frenzy and do back to back 50% partials (once or twice a
year) and it does fade afterward.


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