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Re: [APD] filtration goals (Jerry Baker)

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Jerry baker wrote:

Stuart Halliday wrote:
>> A heavily planted tank can only realistically a third to half of the
> >fish load.

>Are there any data? My casual observation has been that plants seem to
>eat ammonia much faster than fish produce it. It takes quite a while to
>build up a couple mg/L of ammonia without plants, but I need to add some
>every couple of days with plants growing - even with 20 or 30 fish in a
>75G tank.

I have no hard data compiled, but FWIW, I routinely keep out-of-use filters
(external canisters) in operation as spares of mature tanks.  If I reopen an
idle tank, these serve nicely to start the new setup off well.  I have found
that the spares from FO tanks can handler pretty much whatever I set up
freshly ( I tend to conservative stocking in any case).  Those from planted
tanks will do for some fry/quite young fish and will mature nicely with the
fish (whether FO or planted), but will not serve fully for much bioload
initially - where the spares from FO tanks do fine with moderate bioloads.
So, for me (with low tech planted tanks which are planted fish tanks, not
primarily plant tanks) there is real and measurable difference in biofilter
colony sizes between the two system types.

My mechanical filtration & primary current is provided for separately
whether planted or FO.  My biofilters are principally just that, biofilters.


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