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Re: [APD] filtration goals

I believe John F. Hess wrote this email section below:
> hey folks,
> We spent Saturday in SF and went to Aqua Forest Aquarium.  very nice  
> shop with tons of ADA accessories.  in looking around and talking to  
> the owner(?) I think that maybe I don't have enough filtration for my  
> 55g tank.  They suggested more bio filtration ceramic things, so I  
> bought some to add.  

> I bought a Fluval 204 when I set up the tank,  
> thinking that a planted tank would need less filtration than a tank of  
> fish.  the folks in SF suggest that more filtration is better. 

Plants of course do perform biological filtration. But it's very varied and 
depends on light, plant food, amount of load (fish) in the water.

A heavily planted tank can only realistically a third to half of the normal 
fish load.

Plus a canister will act as a mechanical filter.

> Can  
> anyone comment on appropriate canister filters for a 55g tank?

My 66g has plants and a Eheim Pro. II 2026.
Can't go wrong with an Eheim...

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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