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Re: [APD] filtration goals

John F. Hess wrote:
> hey folks,
> We spent Saturday in SF and went to Aqua Forest Aquarium.  very nice  
> shop with tons of ADA accessories.  in looking around and talking to  
> the owner(?) I think that maybe I don't have enough filtration for my  
> 55g tank.  They suggested more bio filtration ceramic things, so I  
> bought some to add.  I bought a Fluval 204 when I set up the tank,  
> thinking that a planted tank would need less filtration than a tank of  
> fish.  the folks in SF suggest that more filtration is better.  Can  
> anyone comment on appropriate canister filters for a 55g tank?

The purpose of biofiltration is to convert ammonia to nitrate. In a 
planted tank the plants consume the ammonia. Carbon removes dissolved 
organics, but it removes a lot of things plants use too. The only thing 
left is mechanical filtration which isn't usually needed unless 
something is going wrong.

Jerry Baker
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