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[APD] filtration goals

hey folks,

We spent Saturday in SF and went to Aqua Forest Aquarium.  very nice  
shop with tons of ADA accessories.  in looking around and talking to  
the owner(?) I think that maybe I don't have enough filtration for my  
55g tank.  They suggested more bio filtration ceramic things, so I  
bought some to add.  I bought a Fluval 204 when I set up the tank,  
thinking that a planted tank would need less filtration than a tank of  
fish.  the folks in SF suggest that more filtration is better.  Can  
anyone comment on appropriate canister filters for a 55g tank?

Also, while there, I was impressed with the ADA lights hanging over  
the all glass tanks.  Very nice.  However, I'm not really interested  
in having a frame with the lights hanging. I did like a silver Al tube  
that held 2 T5 bulbs.  It was supported a few inches above the tank  
with clear plastic legs.  I liked that design better.  I was glad to  
see a completely grown up tank with 2 T5 bulbs.  I need to work on all  
my conditions to get the algae situation taken care of.

I did buy a glass outflow tube to replace the grey plastic one that  
came with the Fluval.  And a glass CO2 indicator.  I have a feeling  
I'll be back later for more stuff.


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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