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Re: [APD] Reusing old Flourite

I'd give it a good set of 3-4 rinses and reuse it.  I can't think why  
it would have gone bad.  If you're worried about pathogens, I suppose  
it could be disinfected, but I'd be inclined to set it up with plants  
and see how things go.


Quoting cellostix at wtw_waveform.net:

> I have a tank that has been sitting around for about three years since it
> was last operational.  It had been a nice planted tank for about 5 years,
> never had any problems, but for various reasons I let it run down until it
> dried out.  So it's just been sitting there, taunting me.  I'd like to get
> it back up and going but am not sure if I can re-use the Flourite - any
> ideas on whether I can rinse and reuse or if it needs to be trashed?
> Laura

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