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[APD] GFCI Wiring ... Again

I swear that the wiring in my apartment is needlessly strange. The wires 
are so old that any color they had is worn off, so without a multimeter 
you have no idea what any wire is.

One box where you mount 2 outlets has 5 wires in it. The wires look like 
this (each arrow represents a bare end, and the right side is the load end):

A				 B
------------------------>	<------------------------
C				 D
------------------------>	<------------------------
E				 F
------------------------>	<------------------------

The live wire is E (potential between E and ground is 121V). The 
interesting thing is the potential between E and some of the other wires:

EA	121
EB	 65
EC	101
ED	 65
EF	101
E:Gnd	121V

The potential between the various combinations of wires, and of ground, 
is zero volts. G and H are just "passing through" and have no way to 
participate in the goings on in this box.

This setup is causing me no end of hassle. If I could just see a wiring 
diagram of this circuit it would be a simple matter, but I can't think 
of how it could be wired like this. One hot and two neutrals with only 
65V potential? Why is there a potential across wires on the load side 
when there's no load? What's with the 101V readings? I don't get it. 
Help. Scott?

Jerry Baker
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