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Re: [APD] LED lights

I believe Aqua Botanic wrote this email section below:
> OK, since the subject is LEDs, I am lookng for input on the following:
> I have come across a light fixture for a nano tank. It is a clamp on light 
> that clamps on to the frame of the aquarium. It has a flexible neck so that 
> the fixture can be bent to any direction. It has ten LED lights in what is 
> described as "daylight", (the actual kelvin is not given) The price would be 
> between 40 and 45 dollars US.
> You can see a photo of it here:
> http://www.aquabotanic.com/images/minisunlight.jpg
> I would like feed back to determin this products potential before I decide 
> to sell it or not. Is it worth 45 dollars? Is it a viable light source for 
> small tanks? Is it enough light? Any feed back would be welcome.

A brief Google on this shows me its by TAAM inc. and is called a Rio Mini 
Sun product.
It's mainly designed as a moon light observation lamp. But they do a 
blue-white version.


If your site is selling it as suitable for grown plants, then ask for more 
specifications. If not, then it's just suitable for observation.

I'd work out the power via that transformer. But I doubt it's much.

These small 5mm LEDS put out around 0.125W each so its 1.25W in total.
Around 10000mcd each.
Typical LED spec sheet.
Looks like colour range is varied at around 5200K.
But you'd need to ask TAAM the makers name of the LED to be sure.

Quite how these companies think they can sell it without basic light specs, 
is beyond me.

BTW, the price I found was $20 NOT $40!

Hope this helps.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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