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Re: [APD] Green water & Daphnia

successfully cultivating green  water.

Start with water pH > 7, best about 8.5. a little 
limestone or oyster shell if your water isn't 125 
to 150 ppm hardness. Most of the Daphnia species 
don't do well in pH lower than 7.5 and hardness 
less than 100 ppm Ca Carbonate.

An incandescent light of 100 watts above 15 to 20 
gallons and powdered Splurina flakes usually gets 
things started with genital roll over aeration. 
Wait a day or 2 for the water to cloud. Emerald 
green in 3 to 5 days. temp about 75 to 80. They 
can take temps below 70 but molts are temperature 
dependent and greater production, etc.   .   . 
. Now one need the Daphnia to get it going.

Several good foods have been suggested and 
powdered Splurina flakes works as well. Change 
the water when the pH starts to drop, all of it. 
You'll have Daphnia all year long.

I think the "change the water" part is often left 
out. Watch the molts and the pH. The animals will 
talk to you. Oh, Thiosulfate is a much better 
Dechlorinater than Amquel for Daphnia culture. 
Something about the Formaldehyde issue, it's 

Might check out "Manual of the Production and Use 
of Live Food for Agriculture" from P. Lavens & P. 
Sorgeloos, Univ. of Ghent, Ghent Belgim and 
references cited therein. It's a 1996 publication 
from the UN. Great reference guide.

Charles H
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Change as much water as often as you can!
Charles Harrison in St Louis
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