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Re: [APD] LEDs once more

I believe TBarber wrote this email section below:

> "Cree XR-E Spectral Dist" is the wavelength distribution for one of the
> white LEDs we use (full datasheet at
> http://www.cree.com/products/pdf/XLamp7090XR-E.pdf)
> compared to
> "Ushio Aqualite Spectral Dist" for a specialty lamp from a company I've
> actually talked with about aquarium/marine applications. (full datasheet at
> http://www.ushio.com/files/specs/Aqualite.pdf)

> The primary problem with LEDs for aquarium lighting (and we've looked at it
> with some potential partners) is the cost. The 150W Aqualite lamp produces
> 7000 lumens (lumen is a measurement of raw light output from a source) for
> about $65, but you'd need 70 or so white LEDs (and even more blue LEDs) to
> get the same light output at a cost of $150 or more.

Is that cost over the same amount of hours?
LEDs last for 50,000 hours. The Aqualite lamp is rated at 6000 hours.

Aqualite lamp            = 6000 hours @ $65
Cree XLamp LEDs          = 50,000 hours @ $150 or $18 for 6000 hours

Note: LEDs only dim by 30% after its rated lifetime, a lamp dims 100% by 
that time! :-)

Hmmm. looks like LEDs may be are cheaper.

But I see Cree have an LED in R&D with a 1000 lum so we'll not need 70.

Plus I see each LED produces 1.1W so 70 will produce 80W, almost half the 
power of the lamp, so this may half cooling costs.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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