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Re: [APD] screw-in CFL bulbs

> does anyone have experience using any of the common screw-in-type CF 
> bulbs, the ones that are all the rage now, over a planted tank?  i've been 
> eyeing the GE "Daylight" line, which claims to have a 6500K color temp 
> (which is what i use in my straight CF bulbs now) and equivalent light 
> output of a 100W incandescent bulb.

Okay, I have had a screw-in CF bulb hanging over my 20H on the kitchen counter for over a year now.  It has a purple tropical water lily that bloomed a coupla times, but now, it has had a bloom open continuously for the last month!  I will look tonight, I think I stuck the bulb package in the cabinet.  The bulb is in a $10 parabolic clamp-on fixture, also from Home Repot.  The bulb is around 8" above the open top of the tank.

Nick A 

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