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Re: [APD] GE "Daylight" CF screw-in bulbs?

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> One disadvantage:
> I've yet to see a water sealed ES fitting though, my CF light fittings all 
> use a transparent plastic box to keep water out. Not very efficient as this 
> plastic needs repeated cleaning.
> Do they have them across the Pond?

If I'm remembering my conversions and Ohm's Law correctly, the water in 
my tank offers around 16,000 ohms of resistance and that should be good 
for about 7 mA current. Plus, there's the GFCI protection. The only 
thing that I worry about is cold water on hot glass.

> Then again, is the gap between the tubes entering the CF casing waterproof?
> Somehow I doubt it.

Nothing a little silicone wouldn't fix.
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