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Re: [APD] GE "Daylight" CF screw-in bulbs?

I've used them all. Big, small, soft white, daylight and my
new favorite "Ultra daylight" which is white, not blue.

Osram makes them.

Good call on the pandants and 100W cf. They're very very bright.

At 02:21 AM 12/4/07 -0500, you wrote:
>does anyone have experience using any of the common screw-in-type CF 
>bulbs, the ones that are all the rage now, over a planted tank?  i've been 
>eyeing the GE "Daylight" line, which claims to have a 6500K color temp 
>(which is what i use in my straight CF bulbs now) and equivalent light 
>output of a 100W incandescent bulb.
>i don't see an output spectrum or anything like that on GE's website, so 
>i'd be glad to hear about anyone's specific experience (what type of 
>plants, growth characteristics, etc.).  i see a little discussion 2-5 
>years ago on the list about using screw-in cf bulbs.
>my current strip CF fixture is dying.  i'm thinking about replacing it 
>with a couple of pendants like these:
>with 2x "100W" screw-in CF bulbs.
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