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Re: [APD] GE "Daylight" CF screw-in bulbs?

David Marshburn wrote:
> my current strip CF fixture is dying.  i'm thinking about replacing it 
> with a couple of pendants like these:
> http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p3442/index.cfm?pkey=clgthngpen
> with 2x "100W" screw-in CF bulbs.

Far as I know, CFLs are essentially just T5 bulbs all twisted up. Except 
for some inefficiency due to restrike, I don't know why they'd be any 
better or worse than any other set up. Might be the least expensive way 
to get a pendant light. You can get much brighter bulbs than 100W 
equivalent if need be.

Post some Flickr shots if you do it.

"Drilling wells is boring."

Jerry Baker
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