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[APD] GE "Daylight" CF screw-in bulbs?

does anyone have experience using any of the common screw-in-type CF 
bulbs, the ones that are all the rage now, over a planted tank?  i've been 
eyeing the GE "Daylight" line, which claims to have a 6500K color temp 
(which is what i use in my straight CF bulbs now) and equivalent light 
output of a 100W incandescent bulb.


i don't see an output spectrum or anything like that on GE's website, so 
i'd be glad to hear about anyone's specific experience (what type of 
plants, growth characteristics, etc.).  i see a little discussion 2-5 
years ago on the list about using screw-in cf bulbs.

my current strip CF fixture is dying.  i'm thinking about replacing it 
with a couple of pendants like these:
with 2x "100W" screw-in CF bulbs.


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