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Re: [APD] Natural gas heating vs coil heater

The cost for the amount of heating you will need, oh let's say (guess) very
liberally at 10 watts per gallon (I always used a 100 watt in my ten gallon
tanks which may have been somewhat overkill), with a DEDICATED standard coil
heater will far outweigh the combination of natural gas room heating and
less coil heating.

Not on a strictly economic basis of course, because everyone knows that
electricity can be produced infinitesimally whilst natural gas is a limited
resource, but alas the prices in the real world reflect the schemings of the
corporate elitists.  If this wasn't the case, we'd all be driving car's like
this one today:


Of course, I read about a special type of heating which you put underneath
the aquarium, but this is only supposed to be efficient with undergravel
filters which are a no no in planted aquaria.  I've never seen this at my
LFS but then again my LFS' employees once all ganged up on me when I showed
them that there false SAE's were not SAE's.  I should have never gone back


> My tanks are in an unheated space........so I heat the water.    I should
> the math and see if It would be more energy efficient to just keep the
> at the right temp.   The 450 gallons of warm water in there keeps the room
> at a nice temp...lol.

> TerryB
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