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Re: [APD] anubias bloom?

I believe Edson Manners wrote this email section below:
> Linda,
>            My anubias nanas have been doing this since the spring. They 
> get whitish yellowish blooms. Does this mailing list allow attachments?? 

> I can take a picture of mine when I go home if it does.

Linking to it is probably best.
Put it up on my site at http://mytriops.com/myplants/upload/

I've got ones for frogs, fish, etc.

See http://mytriops.com/myfrogs/upload/
as an example.

Picture stays up for 90 days and is then auto-deleted.
Anyone here is welcome to use it.
You just use the URL it gives you.

(Any none plant pics will be deleted.)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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