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Re: [APD] 100 gallon tank lighting

On 10/29/07, Edson Manners <emanners at edsonmanners_com> wrote:
> I currently use Seachem Fresh Trace Trace elements for freshwater fish
> and Plant gro NPK Aquatic plant fertilizer. I haven't tried any CO2.
> Can someone recommend some CO2 testers?

I can't but if you aren't adding CO2 it will be very low.  Also, if you
aren't adding CO2 you might wish to try Seachem Excel as a carbon source for
your plants.  I get growth almost as good with Excel (after building to a
double dose) that I get with pressurized CO2 in a tank with what I would
call a medium light level -- 2.2 wpg in a 55G.  The upside to Excel is no
big upfront costs.  The downsides are that over time it costs more than CO2
and you have to add it daily.  Also, I couldn't say how good Excel does or
does not perform in high light situations except in a nanotank where it does
quite well.

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