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Re: [APD] China Syndrome

On 10/23/07, Edward Venn <e_venn at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Half the problem with Chinese goods are the people who buy them. they want
> cheap stuff, as a result they get hurt, poisoned and whatever.

The other half is that, at least in the US, those of us who wish to avoid
Chinese made goods -- in particular food stuffs -- do not have the necessary
information to do so.  Yes, if a product is manufactured in China it says
so.  However, if an ingredient in a food is from China -- such as the wheat
gluten that went into the pet food along with what news reports assure us
are hundreds or thousands of ingredients going into human food -- the food
product does not have to mention that.  I understand why this has never been
required in the past -- you could have an "ingredients supplied from" list
that is as long as the ingredient list itself.

Interestingly, within 4 weeks of the pet food issue China was lobbying
Congress to not enact such labeling requirements.  And I haven't heard
another word about it.
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