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[APD] Chinese quality

At 09:00 10/22/2007, aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:
>Where a lot of westerners value durability and reliability over low 
>prices, Chinese tend to value lower cost over

When I lived in Italy (late '60s) labor was very cheap compared to 
hardware.  I had a bronze twist window lock break and went to the 
window store for a new one.   He said, NO NO, I will fix it.   I 
figured I was being played for a rube newbee, but let him go 
ahead.   I came back half a day later and my lock was beautifully 
brazed, cost $.35, new lock would have been $2.   Point being, Fiats 
were built with very cheap parts because cheap parts and cheap labor 
fixed often were cheaper than expensive parts and cheap labor fixed 
only rarely.  It depends on the tradeoff where YOU live.

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