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Re: [APD] Computer history

I believe Liz Wilhite wrote this email section below:
> I was going to comment on my first program in 1972 but I'll just bow to the
> master instead!

Me too! :-)
At school I was the first to have a hand calculator. I'd bought a hand-held 
abacus-like device. Hey kids, look - no batteries! :-)

My Maths teacher was so impressed he showed me their NCR 'super computer' 
that filled a room and had 2K of RAM and 8K of magnetic bead storage all lit 
up with background lighting so it looked very pretty!
Lots of flashing lights and Teletype sounds (just like the Star Trek 
episodes!). It only ever ran noughts and crosses.
This was 1974. It got me interested in computers though.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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