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Re: [APD] Cheap Chinese Lighting

I bought some cheap compact fluorescent fixtures on eBay.    I asked back
then about them and was told that they probably don't work at the full
output of the bulb.   The quality and efficiency is below what you can buy
elsewhere (for more money).   Personally I have not done any comparisons or
generated any data to support or disprove but I do believe the person who
told me about it.

That being said.......................I'm still on a budget, so I bought the
lights, they light my tanks up and my plants grow.  Which was what I wanted.
Years later............they still work, and the plants still grow.  So I am
not complaining.   I guess it all depends on what you want, what risk you
are willing to take (if they crap out early).   If I had the money, I'd buy
the best.


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