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[APD] Enough light?

My best friend and his wife got a 300g for their koi when they moved from glasscages.com.  He asked me about light for it, so I told him to get 8 55W setups from AHSupply, which he did.  They and others actually think this is a lot of light!  Of course, they have 11 koi and no plants in it, but I think it's just right for the koi.  I told them if they build a pond and convert to a reef tank they will need a ton MORE light...

I want to build or buy a 240-6' for my office at the house at some point...

Nick A

> For a 180G tank I don't see how you'd use anything other than metal halide.
> Two 400W
> bulbs? Or use low light plants, cypts, fers etc, in which case you can get
> by with cheap T8 shop lights for peanuts.
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