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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 50, Issue 16

>>I now just mainly stick to sites like the krib (Which is still very
useful), I used to post on rec.aquaria.freshwater.* and alt.aquaria,
and just read reference books like Axelrod's thick fish reference

But have you been to rec.aquaria or alt.aquaria lately? In the past five 
years? Alt aquaria I think is closed, but if its still open it hasn't had 
any new posts in years. rec.aquaria plants is full of porno posts, off topic 
flames, and radical  political crap. Last time I was there I could not find 
a plant post going back several months. It has become completely corrupt, 
obscene, and obsolete.

Ten years ago I thought the KRIB was out of date. Very rarely do I hear any 
one discuss or refer people to the KRIB any more.  It use to be the first 
place people reffered anyone to. I don't think it is a big deal, its just a 
reflection on how things have changed in the last ten years. This hobby has 
grown in leaps and bounds. There are more hobbyists today than ever before, 
but they are not going to the same  places  on the internet to get 
information as they did 8 or ten years ago.

Robert Paul Hudson

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