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[APD] Barrreport killing off its members?

I believe Moishe Wasserman wrote this email section below:
> Yes.
> Thanks Nick and Bob.  That's who I was referring to.  Too bad he
> charges for his information.  Hmmm, $79.95 subscription to his
> newsletters...

I certainly didn't pay anything like that amount to get into BarrReport!

$12.95 a year.
Just join once every 5 years and you'll still get all the backdated 
newsletters and save money! Just not very ethical. ;-)

I am amused that Tom thinks we're only going to live for 29 years after we 
join. That is how long the Lifetime membership is...

More oddly I've just noticed my membership expired 3 months ago and I still 
get access. Shhh don't tell Tom or Greg. ;-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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