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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 50, Issue 15

Yea me too.  The first book I started reading about aquariums was that
popular Innes Scheurmann one.  I find that the hobby has progressed a
lot more on the internet in terms of practice than when we were
confined to just books like that.

I now just mainly stick to sites like the krib (Which is still very
useful), I used to post on rec.aquaria.freshwater.* and alt.aquaria,
and just read reference books like Axelrod's thick fish reference

My father is still in love with the famed Kribensis species, though I
have had the urge to move on to plain dutch aquariums as the plant
part of the hobby is the only thing that interests me now.

> FWIW, I love the krib, despite the fact that the other parts of Erik's life
> have meant that it hasn't been updated.  I can quickly find info there that
> I would have to dig for in any other place.
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