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>You mention the Usernet, newsgroups... if you think traffic on this list is 
>low, have you been to the usernet lately? It is completely dead, and become 
>perverted and pathetic. Its totally sick.

I dunno, I like reading the Krib. For most poeple it answeres 95% of their
questions and the fact it's disjoint helps. They leatn all sorts of ancilliary

And it's "Usenet" not "Usernet".

And it has gone to hell, spillover from rec.ponds from (gawd) a decade
ago with some blood fued that never ends. Since I *cough*had something*cough*
to do with the creation of all these groups I feel more bad thanmost people
about it.

Brian Reid keeps telling me "Usenet is a sewer. Don't waste soap cleaning it".

Anf maybe he's right. But... rec.ponds solved the problem by adding a moderated
version and at this juncture this is the only thing that can save rec.aquaria.

Question is, is it worth doing?


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