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>>The thing about The Krib was that it was my own personal archive, it was
my own filing system of informational tidbits I used to learn about the
hobby.  And the mailing list + usenet postings really do lend themselves
to archives of this type.  The posts were like little articles.  Forums
don't lend themselves to this.  You tend to either get everything or
nothing.  And they tend to be more like "chats" than articles.>>

I never saw it that way. I mean no disrespect to you Erik, but I never found 
the archives on the Krib to read like articles at all. It always seemed very 
dis-jointed and all over the place. I would find bits and peices of 
information from conversations that had nothing to do with what I was 
looking for. I never understood the appeal. The shear volume of data though 
was overwelming. Are you still getting the amount of traffic in the plant 
section of the KRIB as you did seven or eight years ago?

You mention the Usernet, newsgroups... if you think traffic on this list is 
low, have you been to the usernet lately? It is completely dead, and become 
perverted and pathetic. Its totally sick.

Robert Paul Hudson

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