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Re: [APD] moving

pkimerling at charter_net wrote:
> I find myself moving from Birmingham, Alabama to Grand Junction, Colorado USA 
> ~1600 miles in December. ....
> ... All suggestions welcome, 
> Pat 

Hello Pat,

When I moved from California to Wyoming, about 1000 miles, I put all my 
plants and fish into the largest ice chest I had. The water level was 
just enough to cover the plants and to reduce the sloshing. At rest 
stops, I would open the lid so it could vent.

This was done during the worst part of the summer. Everything survived 
the trip except for a couple of fish. Despite my best efforts, the water 
just got too hot and was too stressful for the critters.

Unfortunately, all the snails survived...

All the gravel was shipped wet (no loose water) in the tank and was 
shipped with the movers.

Two days later I got to the new house. I set the ice chest near a window 
  and left the lid open all the time. A week later, the movers showed up 
with my 60 gallon tank and equipment. I set everything back up and added 
the plants hoping for the best.

My prized Madagascar Lace plant sprung to life and produced two flowers.

All in all, not bad. I probably would bag the gravel next time in small 
bags just to make it a bit more manageable, but in the desperate hours 
to finish packing, you tend go insane and the packing gets less careful 
as you run out of time. In short, tearing down my tank was the last item 
on my list.

Good luck with your move.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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