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Re: [APD] Moving to another aquarium

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> At 06:49 PM 10/16/07 +0200, you wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I had to move some plants and some fishes from a leaking full tank on a table
>> to another tank that is now empty of the floor...
>> But it has to go on the table in place of the other !
>> About 150l of water and 50 kg of glass !!
>> Any step by step suggestion welcomen...
> The rule of thumb is you can move a tank that's no more than 1/3 full.
> So... siphob 1/3 of the water into the tank on the floor.
> Save as much as the water as you can in other containers (new
> store bought plastic garbage cans work, or older plastic garbage cans
> cleaned very well they sterilized with bleach and then with alcohol).
> Move the old tank off the table.
> Move the new tank to the table.
> Put the water back in.

Thanks !

What sequence do you suggest for fishes, plants and soil ?


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