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[APD] Best way to manage the pruning of bunch plants

Hi All,


Just after some information re: the pruning and management of bunch plants.
My tank has metal halide lighting and pressurized CO2 and I use EI and my
bunch plants grow nuts. If I keep cutting the tops out the bottom sections
end up leggy and very straggly. So after around 8 prunes I have been ripping
them up completely and replanting the tops. Am I doing this right, its
pretty disruptive? Is there a way that I can prune the bunch plants and
train them to grow thicker and wider and not head for the top so fast? I
have noticed that my H.polysperma that grows in another tank is thicker in
growth and the nodes are closer together than when grown under MH. My tank
is 2 feet deep and it takes around 7-10 days for a 4"-6" cutting to make it
too the surface.



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