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Re: [APD] tripos in planted tanks with fish

At 09:39 PM 9/27/07 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been looking around the net but cant find anything definitive on the
>topic.  I would really like to have triops in this tank.  I am sort of
>moving to inverts and away from fish
>I've got ghost shrimp (really pretty if they are happy) Asian golden clams,
>4 filter feeding (wood?) shrimp.

If your ghost shrimp don't get eaten your (adult) triops shold be ok
but they're nasty cannibalistic buggers.

>The story is I tore down my tank after 5 years and put it out in the yard
>for the summer.  I just has a couple guppies in it to keep mosquitoes down.
>I still have those same two guppies.
>The setup is a 75-gallon with co2, substrate heating, about 180 watts of t-5
>lighting. Will the tripos be OK in that environment? I guess I will have to
>replenish them 'cause I am not going to drain that tank and dry the gravel.
>They seem really great.
>The tank is going through a little green water crisis right now, but it's
>clearing thanks to the clams and filter feeding shrimp and the fact it's
>settling in. It's only been back up about two weeks.

Nothing  clears up green water like daphnia long as you're doing the invert
thing :-)

Course, then you're "plagued" with a zillion daphnia. Borrow a fish for a day 
and they're gone though :-)


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