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[APD] tripos in planted tanks with fish

I have been looking around the net but cant find anything definitive on the
topic.  I would really like to have triops in this tank.  I am sort of
moving to inverts and away from fish

I've got ghost shrimp (really pretty if they are happy) Asian golden clams,
4 filter feeding (wood?) shrimp.

The story is I tore down my tank after 5 years and put it out in the yard
for the summer.  I just has a couple guppies in it to keep mosquitoes down.
I still have those same two guppies.

The setup is a 75-gallon with co2, substrate heating, about 180 watts of t-5
lighting. Will the tripos be OK in that environment? I guess I will have to
replenish them 'cause I am not going to drain that tank and dry the gravel.
They seem really great.

The tank is going through a little green water crisis right now, but it's
clearing thanks to the clams and filter feeding shrimp and the fact it's
settling in. It's only been back up about two weeks.

Thanks for comments.

FYI I was on this list "way back when" quite a diffrent list now.



Adam Novitt

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