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Re: [APD] Bleach sterilisation

At 08:27 AM 9/26/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I don't agree with all the points you've listed.

Run some tests then. I'd be interested if you got different results from
what I've seen.

>Excel is detirmental to some algae and some bacteria

It's killed every algae I've ever seen. And I used to have quite a
collection. I've not seen
it kill good bacteria like, say H202 does.

>and the MSDS will list some cautions about inhalation and skin and eye

As they do with common table salt, too. A little common sense goes a long
way here.

>I doubt that at roughly normal doses it's going to "sterilize" plants in an
aquarium algae and algae spores like a pre-rinse can do. Well, maybe if you
did a rinse in straight excel -- I haven't seen any reports on that.

No, it's not a dip that kills algae on contact. It takes a couple of days
use in a fishtank to kill algae. But
while it's doing that the plants get  abit of a boost because of the carbon
it adds.

You can't control algae by killing it off and hoping it stays away. The
spores are everywhere
and will always come back. If you have an environment where algae cannot
floursh (no pun
intended. Maybe) then it does matter.

I'm not saying I have the last final and definifive word on this, it's just
that in my experience
it's a short term measure and that you must address the root (NPI again) of
the problem.

>But in any event, one should at least factor into the considerations
whether one wants to expose oneself to the chemicals in excel. Of course,
the same goes for the chemical one would us in a chlorine bleach or
potassium perm rinse.

Right, so that's a wash. Bleach + tannins make lignotannins which are quite
carcinogenic, which
is one of the rasons municipal water supplies switched away from chlorine to


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