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[APD] Cryptocoryne vietnamica

A new Crypt was recently discovred which has not yet shown up on Jan's
"Crypts Pages"
and no picture yet seems to have been published.


"Three of the new orchid species are entirely leafless and contain no
chlorophyll. Rather than using the sun's energy they live on decaying
matter, like many fungi. The other new plants include the Aspidistra
nicolai, which has an almost black flower, and a new species of arum, the
Cryptocoryne vietnamica, which has beautiful yellow flowers surrounded by
funnel-shaped leaves. The two new butterflies are among eight that have been
discovered in the province since 1996."


"Recent surveys have shown that the Green Corridor is home to many
threatened species, including 15 reptiles and amphibians and six bird
species, as well as the greatest number of one of the world's most
endangered primates, the white-cheeked crested gibbon.

The area is also believed to be the best location in Vietnam to conserve the
saola, a unique type of wild cattle only discovered by scientists in 1992.
It is one of the last remaining lowland wet evergreen forests left in Vietnam."


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