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Re: [APD] Bleach sterilisation

Some folks have had good results with the bleach wash--The originator, Paul Krombholz, has been using it for years without problems. Of course, the thinner/finer the leave, the harder the bleaching is on the plant. Finer plants call for shorter emersion times, and some very fine plants shouldn't be bleached at all; they'll melt down in seconds. If you consider some of the things I've introduced into my aquaria over the years with untreated plants, you might think it's worth the bleach in any case. You'd be better of with potassium permanganate for those finer plants. If you're doing Potassium perm at all, you might as well use that for all the plants  and skip the bleach.

Excel is not intended to, not is it likely to be a thorough algacide. I've heard all kinds of wonderful reports on the incredible things excel does beyond what the maker claims. I doubt all of it except what Dr. Morin has confirmed -- iirc, promotes plant growth, slighlty antibacterial. Insofar as it promotes plant growth, it can indireftly prevent algae outburts.  I've heard of folks adding excel and witnessing an algae die-off. I've also seen excel added without any algae die-off.
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