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Re: [APD] Cryptocoryne Balansae

At 03:56 AM 9/24/07 -0700, you wrote:
>Under good fetilization, especially with a rich substrate, the leaves can
get quite long. This plant likes to send out lots runners 5 or 10 or more
inches away from the parent plant, so it can be a challenge taming this one.
It doesn't spread like a lawn; it spreads more like a rumor. It's a love
crypt, though.
>Check out Tropica's write-up on it:

Keep in mind there are different varieties of C. crispulata var balansae.
Some are big, some are
small, some are green some are brown.

It likes HARD water. Add coral or limestone to the substrate. It likes
undistubed conditions. If
you never chaged water it'd be perfect happy. It's not a particularly heavy
feeder - although it's
gotta eat something. It'll grow under low or high light.


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