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Re: [APD] Foil vs. White paint

>> For how long? It holds up really really badly. Been there, done that.
>I must be doing something wrong then...
>Maybe the layer of plexiglass between the hood and water is keeping the 
>foil from going bad (ten years now). This is the same 60 gallon tank 
>that my Madagascar plant flowers in twice a year.
>I will consider white paint when the foil goes bad.

Huh. You're having better luck than I with both foil and
plexiglas then. I found plexiglass to droop and turn opaque as it absorbed
water. Acrylic and polycarbonate doesn't do that. But I use glass.

I never had much luck long term with foil or mylat although mylar 
worked longer than foil.


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