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[APD] Sera Florena howto

Yesterday I bought my first plant fertilizer, Sera Florena. The
direction on the bottle is to dose at 5ml for every 20 litre of tank
water on a weekly basis.

My tank is a newly setup. I have run the filter with for about 2 weeks
before introducing my plants yesterday. CO2 is via injection and I use
MH lamp.

1) Now since my tank is new, the plants were just planted yesterday,
would it be advisable to dose the fertilizer at 5ml for every 20
litre? Or should I half the dosage amount?

2) (taking 5ml for every 20 litre) Would it be better to fertilize the
plants on a daily basis at 0.7ml (5ml divided by 7 days) ?

Please advise.
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