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Re: [APD] Cool home made light on French 200gal tank

It's just that aluminum foil is a relativley poor reflector of light. It has a high photon capture rate. Fluourescents are a very diffuse light source to begin with, so you are unlikely to gain anything with crinkled aluminum foil. It's not especially harmful to handle. 

As for personal safety with paints, whenever using paints, spray or otherwise, you should avoid the fumes, even from so-called water-based paints, which are actually ethylene glycol and proplylene glycol based paints.

I'm not sure aluminum foil has less overall adverse impact on the environment if you consider how it is produced and how it is dsiposed.

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S. Hieber wrote:
> Try removing the aluminum foil and spry painting the interior with white paint. 
You should get substatially more refelcted light that way.
> sh

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll stick with the aluminum foil. It's not lining the hood walls in a 
flat configuration, plus it's purposely crinkled to reflect light in all 
directions. Also, less hazardous than paint to the environment and my lungs.
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