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[APD] First Planted Tank: Water Chemistry Problems Part 2

OK, you guys have convinced me to stop the chemistry experiment.  I 
really didn't like the idea of throwing all these chemicals in anyway, 
and I'm tired of beating my head against the wall trying to 
"micromanage" the environment, as Jerry said.  Because my well water is 
pretty iffy, I'll go to filtered water from the LFS, but no more RO and 
Seachem products.

Rex, you mentioned that some of my plants are non-aquatic and that I'm 
headed for trouble there.  Because I'm new at this, I got my plants from 
an internet site that billed them as an "easy maintenance" package for a 
10-gallon tank . . . slow-growing and undemanding.  (These are the same 
folks who have a fish/shrimp/snail package to deal with algae that 
includes 2 SAEs for a 10-gallon tank, an idea you've also corrected me on.)

If I can impose on you guys for some more of your time and expertise:  
What plants would you recommend?  I want to provide a nice environment 
for the betta, keep the algae down, and have a reasonably nice-looking 
tank.  I don't want to have to do tons of maintenance, but can do some 
pruning and a weekly 30% to 50% water change (which is what I'm used 
to).  I've got Fluorite substrate and 15-watt full-spectrum light.  
Thanks to you guys, I *won't* be fiddling with water chemistry and 
expect to have filtered water with a stable pH of 7.4 - 7.6.

Thanks again for the help . . . I (and the spoiled betta) appreciate it.

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