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[APD] Star Grass melting when pruned.

Hello, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and has a solution.


When I do the usual stem plant pruning (chop top off and replant) for my
Star Grass I find 50% of the replanted stems melt after a week.  Very
annoying as instead of getting a nice bush area again, I end up with
patchiness.  Anyone know what causes this and maybe how they can be
replanted differently?  One odd thing, when I pull up the melted plant I
notice the roots had still been growing for that week so it had been alive.
but still melted ?!  Are they particularly needy in some fert I might be a
little low with causing them to be fragile,  even though they are growing


At the time of pruning they (and everything else) is growing nicely. 85 Gal
tank, 2x 175W MH lights, DIY CO2 and dry ferts.  




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