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Re: [APD] Gratuitous plant related content.

Well, done!
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I thought it would be nice to have something in this mailbox besides
ads for laser toner and products that are best sold to consenting
adults late at night.

So here is some utterly trite and frivolous plant related content.

I bought some dwarf hairgrass today. I can usually only get it at
The Menagerie in Tronno on the fairly rare occasion when they have it.
It's like, $2 for a healthy clump there. It did ok for me but I lost
it in the great thermal oops of feb 06.

I play dumb in petshops. "what's that?"

"a potted plant - $7.99".

"it's half dead"

"you should have seen it before, it was all brown. It's grown
since then".

I did resist the urge to get real Python on his ass and go "my
good man, I'm frankly horrified at the notion of spending $8 on
a half dead plant. Suggestions of an $8 all dead plant are
not helping you make your case." but I didn't. I merely
suggested it should be half price. Then I'm only being ripped off
2X for this algae infested half dead mess.

I got him down to $5, but that was the best he could do. Yeah.

But, in the next tank was a bluefin killi, a male, a nice one with 
red and blue in the fins. And in the next tank, a female. And in the 
next tank another female. I asked if he knew what it was. "Some kind
of Rasbora".


I told him it was a killifish. How much? He went and got the manager. Again.

"They're ghost shrimp".


"no, but they came in with them, and I figured somebody would want
a brown fish with a stripe and two colorful fins".

"So they're ninty nine cents ghost shrimp part # fish?"


"Right, bag 'em my good man".

Of course if they were marked "Bluefin killi" they'd be $4.99 ea or something.


Pics forthcoming. Do not click here to buy laser toner. Do not pass go. Do
not collect $200.
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