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Re: [APD] Reactive Ballast


        The 7,9 & 11 watts are common. A common 11W ballast 
should work OK. Check across the two leads of the ballast with
a multimeter. If its open then replace lamp and ballast, if not
replace lamp and see... you can replace a 11W lamp there if
its cheaper. If you have another lamp for comparison, then check
the resistance of the ballast, if its very much lower than the
working one .. its shorted and tube probably is a goner too.

>> If the tube does not have a starter built in then it will have 4 pins.
>> With built in starter it will have only 2 connection pins. The 4 pin
>> version is suitable for electronic ballasts. A bit rare these days.
>That's the info I was looking for right there. Thanks.
>It's a 2 pin U shaped 13 Watt tube.

Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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