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Re: [APD] Sylvania Gro Lux

At 11:22 AM 9/12/07 EDT, you wrote:
>Shades of the past, folks.  I would like to know if any of you light  gurus 
>out there could tell me the closest modern equivalent to the old Sylvania  
>Gro-Lux fluorescent bulbs.  I loved the effect they had on a tank of blood
>swords, green plants and bear mountain shale.  I would like to do a
similar set 
>up in the future.
>Carol   < ' )))><

Osram/Sylvania still make gro lux (purple) and gro lux wide spectrum (pink).
The problem is
finding them.

GE "Plant and Aquarium" is roughly equivalent to grow lux wide spectrum.
Philips agro-lite
is close too but a tad more orangeish in a side by side comparison.


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