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Re: [APD] Reactive Ballast

S. Hieber wrote:
> It depends on the starting requirments of the intended bulbs and the ballast, not just the general operating requirements.
I was reading a bit into that. There are no capacitors in line with the 
circuit. I cracked open the ballast casing which is like a standard 
stepdown AC/DC transformer bulky plug type. It appears like a 
transformer with a surrounding square of metal, which is not a permanent 
magnet, as it has no effect on my CRT. Since it's a 13W bulb, I'm to 
understand that the initial spark is possible from the standard 120V 
before the reactance kicks in.

Seen here: http://ecwh.yi.org/CFL%20001.jpg

I suppose I could cart it off to a local electrical supply shop for 

- C
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