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Re: [APD] LED Technology. And now back to CF

At 03:55 PM 9/11/07 -0400, you wrote:
>Jerry Baker wrote:
>> The warm white CF bulbs are indistinguishable from incandescent lights. 
>> For some people. just knowing they are there bothers them.
>I have some warm white in the kitchen. I was experimenting with GE 
>daylight CF bulbs, which are much more blue. She has accepted warm white 
>in the kitchen, but even I can instantly tell the difference between WW 
>CF and standard incandescents. Some of the underlying UV must get 
>through and fluoresce. I find myself to look to be much more of a shady 
>character under WW CF bulbs. *grin*. It's not in my head! Really!

A lot of people seem to bu bugged by the orange appearance of regular
warm while spiral screw in fluorescents.

And the daylight is a fairly blue bulb. Put them next to each other
and turn them on at the same time and it's strikingly obvious.

If you're ok with these colors, fine, but if you're not try to find
some Osaram/Sylvanua "Ultra daylight". 

They're not orange or blue, they're white.


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